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Coingi is a cryptocurrency exchange that launched in 2014. Initially it was only offering crypto-to-crypto trading, but recently (November 2017) it also introduced the option to trade cryptocurrency for EUR and USD.

The alt-coins available for trading are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Vertcoin, Namecoin and Dash. Coingi accepts client globally and has its site localized in a large number of languages, including the major European languages, several Central and East European, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Bank wire transfers typically take a few days to reach their account. Other deposits, needing to exchange currency types to USD may take an additional day. The maximum amount of time typically is 3-6 days of time until the money hits the vaults.


Coingi’s trading fees are in the lower end of the average for the industry and are clearly presented.

Fiat currencies

On November 2017 Coingi, which launched as a cryptocurrency-only exchange, included fiat currencies as well, which surely would make it more attractive.


Coingi does not accept credit cards or online payment platforms, but one can make a deposit through a bank wire and a SEPA (available in the EU) transfer, which is convenient enough. The only inconvenience is that apparently the deposits are not processed instantly.


As with most exchanges, Coingi’s platform is easy and intuitive to use. In addition to the basic features of buy and sell, the interface offers a price chart and a chart that shows the number of traded pairs.


The registration process is straightforward and simple and requires only an e-mail. Verification is required at a later stage, when one wants to deposit fiat currency. Cryptocurrency deposits do not require verification.


With the introduction of fiat currencies, Coingi also introduced AML/KYC requirements and customer verification. For SEPA transfers, the exchange requires a government ID verification.


There are some minimum deposit requirements for cryptocurrencies of 0.000100 of the respective coin.

Coingi staking rewards

You can earn money by staking crypto. Staking is a awesome way to maximize your holdings in staking crypto with Coingi. Once you have staked your coins you can earn staking rewards on top of your Coingi holdings and grow them by compounding future rewards.

  1. Buy or fund staking assets to your crypto account on Coingi
  2. Select crypto to stake - check available crypto bellow
  3. Earn staking rewards from your staked crypto

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