What’s EMAX crypto, and where can you buy it?

What’s EMAX crypto, and where can you buy it?

If you think only the highest market cap coins like BTC, ETH, and ADA are the only cryptocurrencies worth considering, think twice. Thousands of coins exist. As of this writing, there are about 35 decentralized exchanges and 4,000 cryptocurrencies available for trading. This means that you have thousands of options to choose from. Although the market goes up and down, which is normal, people seem to keep their interest in digital coins and assets. 

If you’re starting to diversify your money and you want to invest in a coin that’s currently trending, let us introduce you to EMAX crypto. In this blog, you’re going to learn what it is, who created this trending coin, its pros and cons, and where you can buy EMAX. 

What is EMAX crypto?

EMAX or EthereumMAX is a type of ERC20 token offered with a two quadrillion $EMAX supply. It didn’t offer pre-sale, and developers were not given a chance to own some of the supply before the launch. This means that EMAX crypto was released completely, with 100% of its supply available for sale. 

EMAX was established to provide the world with a token based on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides holders protection and adaptability while rewarding and increasing digital assets decentralization.

How does EMAX crypto work? 

EMAX crypto works by rewarding its existing holders with 2% of the overall transaction. This token was created with the goal of re-building a stronger system while rewarding its holders. The reward is in the form of EMAX coins. So, if you become a holder, you get 2% of the total circulation, and it’s added to your wallet directly. 

Since it’s an ETC20 token, you have total control over your account. Your digital assets are secured because you will use your personal wallet to buy EMAX crypto. The system uses Proof of Stake (PoS), where you can stake your coins, put them into a staking pool, and wait for your rewards. PoS is proven safe and affordable for investors who can’t participate in Proof of Work (PoW). 

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Pros and Cons of EMAX crypto

Staking EMAX crypto provides a lot of advantages, whether you’re an existing or new investor. What it can provide are decentralization, versatility, efficiency, security, and rewards

The ultimate benefit when you invest in EMAX crypto is getting your fair share of rewards, which is in the form of EMAX. So, aside from the coins you bought and contributed to the staking pool, you will get additional coins when a certain period of time lapses. 

EMAX crypto being offered through a decentralized system provides you an advantage to maintain control of your digital assets and skipping the hassle of KYC. EMAX is also the most versatile coin right now. 

EMAX crypto is efficient as it uses Proof of Stake. Compared to Proof of Work, where you are required to possess hi-tech equipment for the production of energy, Proof of Stake doesn’t require you such an expensive tool. 

Furthermore, EMAX crypto is 100% secured. 

Where can you buy EMAX crypto? 

You can now buy EMAX crypto on Ethereum mainnet with a token address of 0xA3E059c0b01F07F211c85bF7b4f1d907AfB011df. When buying this crypto, make sure that your ETH is enough to pay for the transaction fees. If you haven’t participated in staking before, we suggest you sign in up first for a personal wallet like Trust Wallet, Binance, or MetaMask

Here’s EMAX Tokenomics for additional reference:


TOTAL SUPPLY: 2 Quadrillion

MARKET CAP: 34 Million

HOLDERS: 6,615


Published: 05/29/2021
What’s EMAX crypto, and where can you buy it?
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