Flipside Crypto: The Best Platform for Crypto Analytics

Flipside Crypto: The Best Platform for Crypto Analytics

Trading, investing, and staking cryptocurrencies are difficult to do without the help of anyone more expert than you. Everyone else started as a newbie. But, what’s different from other investors who attain success in a short period is that they ask for help. They ask for advice from various people who have more experience. Some even spend money to have their crypto mentor. 

If you want to jumpstart investing in crypto, join crypto communities. Use other people’s experiences to gain knowledge. If you don’t know where to start, Flipside Crypto can help you. Let’s introduce you to this popular business intelligence providing helpful information for crypto organizations. 

What is Flipside Crypto? 

Most countries appropriate public money for intelligence funds. This fund is usually used to discover information; not all people are aware of. Be it transactions on the deep web, smuggling, and other illegal activities intentionally hidden from the sight of ordinary people, a good intelligence team can find them. 

The same exists in the crypto world. Most crypto organizations have intelligence funds, so a team of experts can collect useful information for them. And Flipside Crypto is an example of a business intelligence team. This company uses analytics tools to collect user behavior, the financial health of users, and developer activities. It also provides ratings of cryptocurrency usage and FCAS, which is a type of measurement used to assess the fundamental health of crypto ecosystems. 

Who created Flipside Crypto? 

Founded in 2017, the current CEO of Flipside Crypto is Dave Balter. From the time the company started until September 2019, it raised over $11.6 million that enabled them to strengthen its services. 

According to its CEO, the company uses sophisticated tools to comprehend individual stakeholder activities and identify the behavioral categorization on top of data the blockchain produces. Some of the investors who funded Flipside were Galaxy Digital and Castle Island Ventures

How does Flipside Crypto work? 

The main business of Flipside Crypto is providing crypto analytics to communities. So, if you are a member of a crypto community and your organizers want to spend money to get more accurate details about what’s happening in the crypto market, you can avail of the services of Flipside Crypto to make better investing and trading strategies. 

Flipside Crypto delivers data through dashboard and visualization tools. There are auto-generated API endpoints as well. Data analysts from your organizations can conveniently post questions regarding data.

The company also offers opportunities for investors to join their community on Discord, which you can find on its official website. According to Flipside, it works with “leading crypto projects to reward on-demand analytics through structured bounty programs.” 

If you haven’t found your crypto community yet, this might be your best chance to connect with leading crypto projects, developers, and investors.

How can you earn from Flipside Crypto? 

Flipside Crypto allows users to earn bounties for answering community-sourced questions. Right now, the company has two active bounties: Analytics Bounties for Compound and Analytics Bounties for Uniswap

To start earning, sign up for an account first. You’ll find the registration form here. After creating an account, you will be redirected to Flipside Crypto’s bounties. 

Some of the things you should know about this money-making scheme are the following: 

  • Every week, Flipside Crypto will get questions from the community members and give bounties to those who can create a data dashboard answering the questions. 
  • To get updates on new bounties, you should join the Discord group of Flipside. 
  • All questions are answered using the free on-chain data sets of Flipside. 
  • Bounties are paid in the form of governance tokens of the project where the question came.
  • If you add a friend who hasn’t participated in bounties before, you will get a tip for referring him/her. 


The crypto market is vastly growing, and the demand for crypto analytics is increasing. If your crypto community is not allocating funds for intelligence, it’s about time you spend on valuable information. Flipside Crypto is a good company to invest in, considering that not all investors can do extensive research with the right tools. 

Published: 05/29/2021
Flipside Crypto: The Best Platform for Crypto Analytics
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