What‘s the most profitable coin to mine at the moment?

What‘s the most profitable coin to mine at the moment?

Home mining

This term reflects the general crypto enthusiasts we are, and a handy tool for choosing a steady and profitable coin to mine is vital. After hearing about Bitcoin mining and how the options for desktop miners are limited, you’ll be surprised by how live the market still is. Many coins remain profitable to mine and we’re here to utilize this.

What are the options?

Start by looking up different analytics on pages like WhatToMine or crypt0.zone. These services will provide sufficient information on which coin is the most profitable after the energy costs deduction. Once you enter your hardware specs you’ll get a fair estimate on what you’ll be able to generate per day.

So what’s the winning coin now?

Your options are quite wide and the choice of what to mine will solemnly depend on your setup. The estimates of profits stated below are calculated with specs of a mining desktop computer operating a very basic $250 graphics card that comes in any modern laptop with only 3GB of memory and 120W of energy consumption.


Recently we’ve witnessed an increase in mining profitability of the coin Nilu. This blockchain platform operates similarly to Ethereum, runs on the Ethash algorithm and contains the same DApp options. Thanks to this, Nilu inherits the same qualities of Ethereum and its many uses.

Rough daily profit = $0.4


The bitcoin-like PULS1 coin runs on the HMQ1725 algorithm and it provides social media with a platform to monetize their sites and enable the audience of these services to get engaged in what they are offered. The users are given a certain reward for their post reach (which generates ad revenue) and these funds help the content creators with their work. The users are also given an option to directly fund what they like. The blockchains coins can be mined, switched for different coins or bought.

Rough daily profit = $0.6


The b-hash blockchain offers a peer-to-peer masternode payments platform. B-hash runs on the Xevan algorithm for decentralized mining and uses the Proof of Work consensus algorithm so it is fully mineable. The network also offers a feature of private transactions which are fully anonymous and untraceable. The platform has recently announced they will be adding mobile wallets in Q3 of 2018 and the cryptocurrency itself presents a quite promising roadmap.

Rough daily profit = $0.58


Mining on a laptop might be a good gateway into the process, but bare in mind that investing into a desktop with a good fan and a decent graphics card or two will leave you with much more. Check out these energy consumption statistics to see whether your set up is worth the energy costs.

Furthermore, stay updated on what's new with different wallets, software, and mining hardware so your investments are safe and sound.

Published: 09/30/2018
What‘s the most profitable coin to mine at the moment?
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