6 Trading Tools Every Crypto Investor Should Know About

6 Trading Tools Every Crypto Investor Should Know About

Whether you are a rookie crypto trader or have been around for a while, you understand the lucrativeness of crypto trading – which is why you have stepped onto the field.

However, while crypto trading is highly profitable, it can be tremendously harmful to your financial health if not done the right way.

The right way of trading not only involves having the required mindset but also the proper crypto trading tools, and the latter is exactly what we will be focusing on this article.

Trading Tools for Crypto Investors:

1) 3Commas:

3Commas offers a range of features to its users, with the most popular being Trading Terminal. The terminal allows you to connect to crypto exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, and Poloniex with the help of a single interface. Users can make trading decisions on all the exchanges simultaneously.

Moreover, you get access to other sharp trading features such as trailing take-profit and trailing stop-loss that are designed to maximize real-time profits.

If that is not enough, 3Commas is a contemporary portfolio balancer and trading bot that enables cryptotraders to derive maximum value out of their trades. You can also copy the portfolios of established traders and imitate their trading strategies.

2) Coingy:

Commenced in 2014, Coingy is perhaps the most widelyused platform across the crypto market.

The platform supports over 45 exchanges and trading charts, along with quality support. Note that no other platform supports such a high number of exchanges, giving Coingy a unique advantage over its competitors.

In addition, developers can purchase historical data to use to conduct their own trading experiments and formulate strategies.

3) Koinly:

Koinly is a trading tool that is just as useful for veterans as it is for beginners.

The tool allows you to keep track of your cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges and informs you about the coin status of your portfolio.

With the help of insightful graphs and charts, you can track market movements and crack the bitcoin code of bitcoinup to make smart trading decisions.

4) Binance:

Binance is one of the world’s most recognized crypto exchanges and has proven to be a standardsetter for the entire trading industry.

Despite being just about two years old, Binance has established itself as one of the top three exchanges worldwide. The primary reason behind the platform’s monumental success is its team, which is dedicated to identifying its trading customers’ needs and fulfilling those effectively – the regular competitions, prizes, and unique airdrops are also testament to that.

Having a 0.1% fee – the lowest across the industry – further helps Binance’s cause. You can get a further 50% discount on this charge if you use their native BNB tokens for the trading fee payment.

5) Coinmarketcap:

Coinmarketcap is one of the best options for users wanting to check volumes, prices, and supply of coins. Their robust API also enables users to extract data to their own interfaces. To make good decisions, it is important to know what other market players are keeping an eye on.

6) Shrimpy:

Another comprehensive crypto software, Shrimpy enables its users to earn from, automate, and diversify their cryptocurrency investments.

Shrimpy has introduced an innovative rebalancing concept that provides automated assistance in selling high and buying low. This game-changer is being used by crypto sharks to maximize their profits and minimize risk, no matter what the market conditions might be.

Final Word:

While there are numerous other crypto trading tools available in the market, the ones discussed in this blog are some of the best and most popular. We hope that this guide will provide effective assistance in boosting your crypto investment returns.

Published: 03/12/2021
6 Trading Tools Every Crypto Investor Should Know About
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