Introduction: What is Multivac crypto?

Introduction: What is Multivac crypto?

A lot of blockchain protocols are showing here and there. Thanks to more flexibility on the blockchain, developers have all the freedom to showcase their talents and make money out of them. For investors, blockchain projects are also an excellent way to grow their money. So, whether you are an investor or a developer, you have many opportunities to explore the blockchain while earning massive rewards. One of the blockchain protocols trending today is Multivac. To learn more about it, let's talk about Multivac Crypto. 

What is Multivac? 

Multivac crypto is a new blockchain protocol designed for both developers and investors. With this protocol, a developer can customize their own decentralized application. Consistency, a high degree of user autonomy, availability, and partition tolerance are the project's best features. It's also flexible since there is an integrated, trusted sharding computation, data transmission, and storage. 

To make things easier to understand, let's take a look at Multivac from a developer's perspective. Multivac may be the core aspect of a protocol. Let's say you are developing a decentralized application, and you need a technology that will allow you to personalize your app according to the needs of your users. Multivac can help you customize everything you need to integrate into your project conveniently and efficiently. 

What is Multivac's value proposition? 

Multivac offers scalability as the new approach to large decentralized application developments. This system is called Verifiable Random Functions (VFR), which caters to computation, transactions, and storage. The transactions performed on the network are verified by UTXO, while miners are chosen via a probability model. 

The project runs on the Multivac Virtual Machine (MVM). This has Blockchain Instruction Set Computer (BISC), which is a vital component of the machine allowing developers to set the number of nodes they want their dApp to possess. Developers are also able to select a large number of nodes for better safety and security and a small number for increased throughput. 

The virtual machine used by Multivac backs C compilation built on LLVM. It targets to integrate other program languages like Go and Java. As the protocol becomes an open-source network, the main objective is to incorporate as many languages as possible to offer more services compatible with applications that are already operating. 

Who started Multivac? 

Professionals in the field found Multivac. Some of the notable people in the team are Lu Heng, Ying Xiang, Claire Wang, and Dr. Susan Calvin. 

Lu Heng is the CEO of Multivac. He is the co-founder of, who managed more than 60 engineers in a team. Before becoming a manager and an engineering director at, which is a major group discount and sharing economy platform in China, he worked at many other companies, including Yelp and Party Hippo. His data warehousing and distributed systems skill set make him an excellent candidate for a developer role. 

Ying Xiang, the CTO of Multivac, has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from a popular university in Singapore. He was previously employed as Baidu's software engineer and had a 3-year career as an Associate Professor at Tianjin University after earning his Ph.D. He is known for his parallel methods and for using general-purpose computing. 

CMO Claire Wang, meanwhile, formerly worked at, where she was a Marketing Director for almost two years. In the prior year, she was a Product Manager at Meituan. Claire has a master's degree in public administration from a Chinese university. 

Dr. Susan Calvin is also a part of the team. She graduated from Columbia University. She's great for her cybernetics and positronic interface skills. 

Why Multivac? 

An important advantage of the protocol MultiVAC is the degree of developer customization. With Flexible Sharding, applications developed on MultiVAC may use various factors according to the developer's decisions. It is possible for developers to set their own consistency, partition tolerance, availability, and the degree of decentralization requirements as they see fit. In order to allocate the appropriate number of nodes for security and availability, the size of the shard is determined via the contract maker. A larger amount of nodes allows for security and availability, while the smaller amount caters to higher throughput. 

About Multivac Crypto 

Multivac's crypto is called MTV. It's an ERC20 token offered at $0.006 each during the initial coin offering. The token's supply is limited to 10,000,000,000 MTV with an allocation of 30% to the ecosystem, 27% to the foundation, 15% to the team, 10.21% for private sale, 8.95% for seed funding, 7% for public sale, and 1.84% to the adviser. On April 9, 2019, Multivac was able to raise a total of $16,843,000 during the public sale. 

Today, MTV ranked as the 713th token on investors' watchlists. As of this writing, the token's price is $0.003832. 

Published: 07/15/2021
Introduction: What is Multivac crypto?
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