Garlicoin staking

Max coin supply

69 million (decided by community vote)

Block time

Every 40 seconds

Starting block reward


Proof of work

Scrypt-adaptive-N (ASIC resistant)

Difficulty Adjustment

Dark Gravity Wave (alters difficulty every block for more regular block times)

Segwit enabled

All 120,000 coined premined will go to the community in the airdrop

What is Garlicoin?

  • For real, a coin about garlic bread. Are we back to 2013 altcoin craze times? A subreddit with more than 100k subscribers backs this coin and you can mine it. Nothing of value to it, just meme power. Will it be memed into business insider and forbes just like doge did? Nobody knows. Give your GPU a foul smell by mining for garlic coin and find out! Opportunity cost is just the few dollars your GPU could earn you, but this one has MEME potential!
Coin rating:
Total rating: 63 Avg. rating: 5