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Result: 1 XMR = 139.04 USD

1 XMR equals to 139.04 USD. Do you want to transfer XMR to USD? To do so, you can use one of the wallets from our list.

Conversion from Monero (XMR) to United States Dollar (USD)
Rate: 139.04

About Monero



Max Supply

Infinite (Main emission

Current Supply

Over 15 million

Created in October 2013

Created by Nicolas van Saberhagen (pseudonym)

Block size

dynamic - 2 x M100 (median size of the last 100 blocks)

Blockchain size

Over 24 GB

Block mined

every 2 minutes




CPU & GPU mining, pool


If you want to transfer xmr to usd, you must use cryptocurrency wallet. Fortunately, we have prepared for you a list of the best wallets on the market.
If you want to buy xmr with usd, you have to use cryptocurrency wallet. Anyway, it's very simple when you a use the right wallet - for example, some from our list.