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Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee was born on the Ivory Coast. He migrated to the United States at the age of thirteen. He graduated MIT in 2000 and then worked in different small companies. In 2007 he joined Google as a software engineer.

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Why to use Two-factor authentication to exchange login

People who participate in growing cryptocurrency market and trade altcoins have to sign up for cryptocurrency exchanges. There are quite a lot of exchanges and the number will probably rise. People often have to sign up for more exchanges since the exchanges they have already signed up for might not trade altcoin, which they want to trade. Thus people often end up with many exchange registrations. It is worth to mention that the registration process is not often simple and people have to provide personal data.

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What is blockchain?

The blockchain is at the heart of all decentralized currencies. It is a revolutionary piece of technology often compared to the creation of the Internet. Major world banks, multinational technology companies and governments alike are already exploring its vast possibilities.

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